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The Board of Students’ Development undertakes the following prominent Schems/activities

Student Council Policy:


The establishment of student councils play an integral and important role in the student community. Student councils provide a representative structure through which students can debate issues of concern and undertake initiatives of benefit to the college and the wider community Students have a voice and a contribution to make to their college. It is important that they be given the opportunity to express their views on issues of concern to them in the college. It is equally important that they are listened to and encouraged to take an active part in promoting the aims and objectives of the college. This policy establishes the basis for the formation of Student Council Policy, including their composition, membership, terms and recommendations.


Applies to AVCoE for UG programs.


1. To enhance communication between students, management and staff

2. To promote an environment conducive to educational and personal development

3. To promote friendship and respect among pupils

4. To support the management and staff in the development of the college

5. To represent the views of the students on matters of general concern to them Policy

1. Responsibilities

The Student Council and the Management

✓ The college shall establish and maintain procedures for the purpose of informing about the activities in the college.

✓ The college shall encourage and help students to set up a Student Council and shall assist a Student Council when established.

✓ The college shall draw up rules for the establishment of a Student Council which shall provide for the selection of members and the dissolution of a Council.

✓ The college will have a role in considering the rules governing meetings of the Student Council, and the conduct of its affairs.

The Student Council and the Principal

✓ In the initial stages, the Principal, together with the other teachers, will assist in the development of a Student Council in several ways

✓ As the Council develops and begins to expand its role, the Principal will assist in guiding the Council’s development, so as to allow for a constructive and purposeful Council.

The Student Council and Teachers

✓ Developing a spirit of partnership and co-operation between a Student Council and teachers has benefits for both.

✓ It is generally desirable for a member of the teaching staff to attend meetings of the Council.

✓ The support and guidance offered by a teacher will be very useful to a Council when planning its activities, and providing for a teacher to attend Council meetings will help to build a co-operative and good working relationship between students and staff of the college.

2. Key functions of Student Council:

Work closely with the management, teachers and students,

• Consult regularly with students in the college, and

• Involve as many students as possible in the activities of the Council.

There is a wide range of activities of benefit to the college community which a Student Council may wish to undertake, some of which are outlined below:

1. Representing the views of the student body to the college management

2. Promoting good communications within the college

3. Supporting the educational development and progress of students

4. Assisting with induction and/or mentoring for new first year students

5. Contributing to the development of college policy

6. Assisting in college sporting and cultural activities

7. Assisting with or organizing fund-raising events for charity

8. Bridging with Student Councils in other colleges

3. Membership

Under section 40(3) of Maharashtra Universities act, 1994, this council is established every year in the Institute shall comprise of following members:

Sr. No. Representative Designation
1 Principal Chair Person
2 Student Development Officer Staff Representative
3 NSS Program Officer Staff Representative
4 Class Representatives (Each Class Toppers) Member
5 Physical Director Member
6 Students Representatives - Sports Member
7 Students Representatives - NSS Member
8 Students Representatives – Cultural Member
9. Two girls students appointed by Principal Member
10. General Secretary GS
11. Ladies Representative LR

4. Terms

I. The members will serve One-year terms, renewable (Principal and Staff Representatives are ex-officio members).

II. The names of Class Representatives from each class will be proposed by the HOD and will be nominated by the Staff Representatives and the principal.

III. The Names of Students representatives from sports, NSS and cultural will be proposed by the Physical director, NSS program officer and Cultural Coordinator respectively.

IV. Two Girls students appointed by principal

V. GS and LR Selection done by academic performance, overall contribution of Academic FE,SE,TE.

VI. The SDO will issues the decree for the formation of the Student Council.

5. Meetings

· The Body shall meet at least once a month (preferably as per the activity scheduled in semester).

· Meetings are to be held on the AVCOE campus or as deemed appropriate by the Principal.

6. Office bearers of the Body

Officers of the Academic Advisory Body shall consist of a Chairperson, staff representatives General Secretory and Ladies Representative. Principal of AVCOE will be the Chairperson while Student Development officer will be member secretary.

7. Duties of the Officers

a) Chairperson

1. Chairperson shall act as the executive head of the Student Council and will preside over meetings of the Body.

2. The Chairperson shall have power to call for meetings of the Body and to set the agenda.

3. The Chairperson shall provide appropriate information and data necessary for the Body to carry out its activities and shall inform the Body on actions regarding Body recommendations.

b) Member Secretary

1. It will be duty of the Member Secretary to maintain accurate, action-based minutes of all meetings, distribute minutes to each member on a timely basis.

2. The Member Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining the record.

3. The Member Secretary shall make necessary communication required for the efficient and effective discharge of the Body’s duties and responsibilities.

8. Recommendations of the Body

All recommendations made by Student Council Body to the Principal are advisory in nature and implementation will be discretion at Principal.

Committe Members:

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