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Well planned administrative office is located at the First floor of main building. The office is having different sections which deal with smooth conduct of University examination, distribution of mark sheets, preparation of merit list and getting eligibility for first year and second year students. Students are assisted in getting Scholarships, bus/railway/air concessions. Any documents or certificates required by the students are issued immediately.Eligible students can get scholarships for SC / ST students by Government of India, scholarships for NT, VJ, and OBC including SBC by Government of Maharashtra.

1. Students Section
2. Examination Section
3. Scholarship Section
4. Account Section

General Office and Other Sections Incharges

Sr. No Name Mobile No Designation Section
01. Mr. Dengale S.R. 7588357681 O.S. General Office
02. Mr. Thorat B.B. 9850017904 Clerk Admission Section
03. Mr. Sanap S. D. 9096833918 Clerk Exam Section
04. Mr. Tope R.T. 9860909360 Clerk Exam Section
05. Mr. Borkar B.S. 9657803887 Clerk Scholarship Section
06. Mr. Dighe S.B. 8668957086 Clerk Scholarship Section
07. Mr. Sonawane S.P. 9730637913 Clerk General Office
08. Mr. Waghmare S.P. 9657588478 Clerk-cum-Typist Typing
9. Mr.Gunjal V.R. 9834185299 Head, Accountant Account section
10. Mr. Minde B. B. 9921755040 Clerk Account section
11. Mr. Ghuge P. B. 9850343984 Clerk Account section
12. Mr. Gunjal R. B. 9975592601 Clerk Account section
13. Mr. Gaikwad P. B. 9765516465 Clerk Purchase Incharge
14. Mr. Chhatar N. N. 9890133466 Clerk Store section