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Adventure Club

The adventure club is working for development of adventure habit in the students and consciousness towards individual health. Every year institute is organizing adventure tours to historical places, forts, and in nature.An adventure trip allows students to learn several outdoor skills.An adventure trip requires students to take responsibility and lead from the front it helps to develop leadership quality in the students. With adventure trips, students get a chance to indulge in several activities, such as trekking, rappelling, valley Crossing, wild Life observations etc.Students were enjoying and learn many things. Adventure travel pushes students outside of their comfort zone.They find out what they are made of. They manage to pull resources from within and they make it. They strengthen theirresilience. At the end of the day, they look back in wonder at what they achieved and they feel bigger inside.The adventure tours improvetheir Mental Health and also help to Reduce Stress.

All students actively participated in this with companions of respective club coordinators. This helps students to keep them energetic forever. As a part of social activity, students also motivated for cleaning the historical placeswhich gives social message regarding cleanness.

For First Year students adventure tours are planned at institute level while for higher classes tours are planned at department level.