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Amrutvahini College of Engineering 2019-07-13

Recourse Person Mr. Tapash Basu
Deputy General Manager,
Tata Project Limited, Baroda

Date: 13-07-2019

Venue: Sir Vishveshwaraiya Conference Hall

The seminar was planned for Civil Engineering students.The seminar was on Infrastructure and Indian Economy Civil Engineering Perspective The aim of the seminarwas to aware the students about Infrastructure Engineering and Indian Economy. Sir has given the information to students regarding Infrastructure projects in India and upcoming projects. Sir has explained the relationship between the Infrastructure and Indian economy and their effects on day to day life of peoples. Sir has explained the causes for delay of infrastructure projects in India. Sir also has given the ideas to the students regarding the industrial requirements from students andwhat are the requirements from students while facing the interview, how to prepare for interview. There were total 181students present for the session. The session was from 10.00 am to 04.00 pm. The session was interactive type. Students ask several questions to him. The students enjoyed the session a lot.

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