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Amrutvahini College of Engineering 2019-01-15

Course Objectives /Scope

Tribology is a multi-disciplinary subject dealing with the study of interacting surfaces in relative motion. Over the years, the subject of Tribology came to be recognized as a very important aspect in all industrial operations. The application of correct tribological practices can protect and enhance the life of plants and machinery, improves efficiency of operations, reduce energy consumption and prevent expensive breakdowns.

The main motive of this workshop is to provide a common platform to researchers from industry, R & D organization and academic institutes, who are working on different mechanical systems to reduce friction and wear. The workshop shall bring together the tribology fraternity to explore, disseminate and strengthen initiatives in the area of improvements in tribology. It will make the researchers, academicians and post graduate students aware about the challenges in the field of Industrial Tribology. The participants of this 5-days International workshop will be able to learn the recent advancements and research avenues in the field of tribology. This workshop will be a great opportunity for networking with eminent personalities and researchers in the field of tribology.

Course Content

Theory and Research Aspects Related Sessions:

  1. Importance of tribology in Engine Lubrication.
  2. Tribology Components and their Lubrication.
  3. Nano Tribology, Bio Tribology.
  4. Nano Additives and Environmental aspects of lubrication.
  5. Surface Tribology, Fluid Film Lubrication, Journal Bearing Lubrication.
  6. Role of tribology in metal cutting.
  7. Mathematical Modeling and Optimization in tribology.
  8. Reliability and Condition Monitoring.

Hands-on Experience Sessions

Hands on practice on different tribotesters like four ball tester, pin-on-disc, journal bearing testrig by DUCOM experts. Exposure to the tests like wear measurements, Anti Wear Test & Extreme Pressure test for Lubricants as per ASTM standards and Procedures.

Who should Attend

Design, Development and Manufacturing Engineers and practitioners Industries and Research Organizations PG and Research Scholars Faculties of Engineering/Polytechnic who are pursing or planning to pursue research in tribology related technologies.

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